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"We are so happy to have found New Adventures Montessori school for our 3 year old daughter. She is absolutely thriving in this school compared to her old school where she didn't talk and was not engaged. The teachers are all amazing and make the kids feel welcomed, heard, understood and cared for. The environment does not get any better - it's clean, it's organized, it's comfortable - all important elements to a great learning environment. My daughter is engaged, talks and plays with all the other kids and is absolutely loving this school. It's such a great and welcoming community of families and their kids. We feel so blessed to have found this school and can't wait to send our younger kids when they are old enough!"


San Diego, California

"This school has been such a gift for our family! What New Adventures has created is truly remarkable. After not having the greatest experience at a different preschool and touring what felt like a million places with endless waitlists we found New Adventures! We actually got to tour the school during the school day (something we could never do with other schools) and bring our son. During the tour, I felt like I was at a spa, it smelled like essential oils, the environment was so calming and joyous. My son who definitely has a slow to warm temperament and likes us near him completely made himself at home, started playing, and even lined up with the other kids. We knew instantly that this was the place for him and enrolled him two weeks later. He is absolutely thriving at New Adventures and when we come pick him up he doesn't want to leave school. The teachers are all moms themselves and truly get it. They have created the warmest and most welcoming environment and a community like no other. As a parent, it is the greatest joy and best feeling knowing your child is in a safe, loving, nurturing, environment and having zero concerns about how they are doing at school. We feel so lucky to be a part of the community there and will definitely be sending our second son when he is 3!"


San Diego, California

We feel like we've won the lottery with this school. After touring many preschools we felt uncomfortable with sending our son, who had never been cared for outside of home. We stumbled across New Adventures Montessori by a random happenstance and we couldn't be more thankful that we did. New Adventures is run by a group of qualified, professional women but more importantly, they are moms. They treat each child as if they were their own-- meeting each child where they are and providing individualized nurturing experiences that help them grow based on their own needs. The environment is always peaceful and calm and set up to be an enriching place for kids to thrive. We love the Montessori approach but also the flexibility for doing what is best for each student. We're so excited for all the amazing experiences our son will have here!


San Diego, California

"We have been attending New Adventures for over a year now and it has been such a blessing! Ms, Summer, Bernadette and Ginger are amazing educators with beautiful hearts. The Montessori style of teaching has been so amazing and we have seen such a huge difference in our children. I highly recommend the school to anyone who is thinking about it it . This is by far been the best school we have sent our children to and we are so blessed that we found it. Thank you so much ladies for being such a huge part of our family and our lives. We are so grateful."


San Diego, California