Our names are Summer, Ginger and Bernadette. We are high school best friends, previous co-teachers, we are to one another our village. At the core of our friendships, we are Mothers first. We are 3 hard working moms who through a pandemic knew that we could offer our children better. We knew that they needed more than a learning environment that happened behind a computer screen. What started as a casual idea to homeschool our own 5 children together grew and grew and grew. With Summer and Ginger both being trained, and credentialed Montessori teachers, we took the biggest leap of our lives, and our Adventure began. In July 2020 we started our Montessori Homeschool Group which grew to serve 17 children under the age of 10 years. All along our hearts had been wide open in wanting to share the beauty of what we created with others.

It was too magical to keep it all to ourselves! As we embarked on the 2nd year of our adventure we moved into our permanent location in the Spring Valley, Casa De Oro area of San Diego County. Within the walls of our new space not only have we grown a special, boutique school and a safe, nurturing environment for all children to learn… but a beautiful community of families sharing in this adventure together.

What started as a small seed has truly bloomed. There’s something about a mother’s love… it is a depth that is unparalleled. This Adventure has been our greatest labor of love. To our own children… thank you for being our WHY!

TOURS / What to Expect

We love sharing our working classrooms with new families. Tours are planned for the 1st Thursday of each month from 9:30 – 10:00. Be sure to schedule your tour so we know to expect you.
We ask that the following guidelines be respected while observing in the classrooms:

  • Tours are adult only. Childcare arrangements for your children must be made ahead of time (babywearing being the exception).

  • You will observe our classrooms during their quiet morning work cycle. Please respect the volume of the environment as well as the focus of all the children during worktime.

Ready to schedule your tour? We look forward to sharing our adventure with you!